In this series of expert talks, renowned experts introduce some of the ancient arts of Chinese literati and scholar-officials. Local artist Ou Da-wei explores leisure seals, also known as decoration seals, a type of chop incorporating words from poetry and auspicious sayings. Dr Otto Lee, President of the International Guqin Health Cultivation Association shares how the pitch and resonance of guqin music may positively impact the physical and mental health of those who play or listen to it. And Tony Miller, former president of The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong, looks at two periods in the history of Jingdezhen pottery when individual potters broke with conventional style and began producing innovative designs for private scholar-official clients.

The Cultural Significance of Chinese Leisure SealsLife Cultivation and Music Therapy Through Guqin MusicLinglong and Carved Porcelain – Toys for the Scholars’ Studio

Talk 1: The Cultural Significance of Chinese Leisure Seals

28 August 2019 (Wednesday)

7:30pm – 9:00pm

Seminar Hall, 2/F, Xiqu Centre

Ou Da-wei, renowned local artist

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