Item Scenario Description Type ICC Website Link
1 Seated event, with seats remaining Reserved Seat (RS) CWL00000012
2 Non seated event, with tickets remaining (no seatmap selection) General Admission (GA) QXO01000747 http://www-uat.westkowloon.hk/en/whats-on/current-forthcoming/trump-on-show/event-type/all/location/all/availability/all
3 Seated event, sold out Reserved Seat (RS) CWL00000014
4 Non seated event, sold out General Admission (GA) QXO010007472 http://www-uat.westkowloon.hk/en/whats-on/current-forthcoming/arics-show/event-type/all/location/all/availability/all
5 Seated event, with seats remaining
(hot show with best available option setup)
Reserved Seat (RS)



(Event on 18 Mar 2022 06:00 pm)

6 Non seated event, with tickets remaining(with seatmap) General Admission (GA) KGT01000010 http://www-uat.westkowloon.hk/en/whats-on/current-forthcoming/keith-ga-test

Seated event, with seats remaining (with promotion password)

Promotion Password Information:

Applied to Ticket Type: Student Concession

2 Promotion Codes with 99999 usages:

  1. Promo2019
  2. Promo2020
Reserved Seat (RS) CWL00000012
8 Merchandise items (e.g. membership sales)

Remarks: Merchandise item setup is similar to General Admission which will attach a product (event) to it
General Admission (GA) WKCDA000001 http://www-uat.westkowloon.hk/en/whats-on/current-forthcoming/wkcda-membership-sales/event-type/highlights--tickets
9 Non seated event, with tickets remaining(with seatmap) -
Credit Card Bin Range Promotion

Credit Card Bin Range Setting
- Price Class: Standard
- Allowed credit card bin range setting:
Start Digit: 496604
No. of Remaining Digit: 10
General Admission (GA) KGT01000010 http://www-uat.westkowloon.hk/en/whats-on/current-forthcoming/keith-ga-test
10 Seated Event (with 10 categories) Reserved Seat (RS) CWL00000008
11 Seated Event (2D seatmap Reserved Seat (RS) CWL00000003
12 Package  Package  PKGTEST1



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