A world-class arts venue dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of xiqu

The Xiqu Centre has utiliised cutting edge sustainability strategies to reduce the reliance on air conditioning and hence reduce energy consumption. Computer simulations have been used throughout the design process to test and improve the design and to ensure sustainability targets can be met. Some of the key sustainability strategies of Xiqu Centre include:

  1. Utilising natural ventilation strategies for the covered plaza, common circulation space and theatre foyer to reduce dependency on air conditioning
  2. Provide good insulation in the building envelope to reduce heat load and help increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
  3. Utilising computer simulation and wind tunnel tests to measure and improve thermal comfort levels within the building.

These sustainability strategies will support the Xiqu Centre to obtain the targeted BEAM Plus Gold Rating. By using this holistic approach to sustainability, the design of Xiqu Centre strives for not only lower energy consumption but also lower capital and running costs.