Visitors can enjoy 30 minutes / 4 hours free Wi-Fi access by connecting to the Weskowloon network with their smartphones and tablet computers at M+ Pavilion.

How to Use Wi-Fi Service?

Step 1

M+Pavilion FAQ (6-Oct)

Ensure your Wi-Fi setting is turned on. Find ‘Westkowloon’.

Step 2

M+Pavilion FAQ (6-Oct)2

Please select 4 hours or 30 minutes (sign in as guest) free Wi-Fi access.

Step 3

M+Pavilion FAQ (6-Oct)3

Please provide the above information for registration.

Step 4

M+Pavilion FAQ (6-Oct)4

Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, click the “Agree and continue” button. The connection will be terminated after 4 hours or 30 minutes. It is required to reconnect for another session.