The M+ Pavilion serves as the primary site for M+ exhibitions in the run-up to the 2019 completion of the M+ building. 

Designed by VPANG architects ltd + JET Architecture Inc + Lisa Cheung, the building has mirrored external walls that let it blend into its surrounding and an elevated outdoor terrace with expansive views of the Hong Kong skyline. 

Winning Design

First Prize Winning Design: VPANG architects ltd + JET Architecture Inc + Lisa Cheung

The winning pavilion is designed to offer a respite from hectic city life, and impressed the judges with a smart simplistic approach, which allows the Pavilion to blend into its surroundings. Mirrored external walls camouflage the architecture, reflecting the surrounding expanses of greenery and immersing the building within its Park setting. To further this experience, the pavilion’s main exhibition space is elevated, allowing it to float above the foliage, creating the opportunity for artwork to be appreciated against a backdrop of the Hong Kong Island skyline with spectacular views out over Victoria Harbour. The building is designed to be surrounded by natural light, away from noise.  Inside, gallery spaces are created by polished concrete floors and white walls – a flexible backdrop for multidisciplinary art exhibitions and performances.

Winning and Commendation Entries

Winning Entries

Second Prize: ROGERSPARTNERS and Arthur C. S. Kwok Architects & Associates

Third Prize: Hestia & Vish Limited

Commendation Entries

  • Matheson Whiteley and Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Ltd
  • O Studio Architects Limited with ARCA Limited
  • Jägnefält Milton with Leigh & Orange Ltd
  • David Kohn Architects with TFP Farrells
  • Nina Lesser, Michel Chung, Man Hok Wai, Nic Banks, Glory Wang