M+ building is scheduled for completion in 2019

Time-lapse Image of the M+ Building in Construction


June 2018

The M+ building facade panels are now in the process of being installed! These dark green ceramic tiles, with windows in between, are what you will see covering the entirety of the central tower once the building is finished. The unique process of creating these tile facade panels has spanned Italy, China, and Hong Kong.

January 2018 Aerial View



September 2017 Aerial View


22 June 2017

January 2016 to February 2017 Time-lapse Video of the M+ Building in Construction


4 April 2016

Bird Eye View of the M+ Building Construction

Bird Eye View of the M+ Building Construction

11 Feb 2016

Bird Eye View of the M+ Building Construction

9 Dec 2015   Commencement of the superstructure of the museum building

Our CEO Mr Duncan Pescod, M+ Executive Director Dr Lars Nittve and other officiating guests filled an acrylic box in the shape of the M+ logo with sand, signifying the commencement of the superstructure of the museum building.

26 Sep 2015   Main construction works commence

Signing of M+ museum's main construction works contract with Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd. (Hsin Chong), who will commence M+ main works in early October 2015 following the completion of the M+ foundations in September. Click here for more details.

Jun 2015

Bird Eye View of the M+ Building Construction

Bird Eye View of the M+ Building Construction

29 Jan 2015     Planting of commemorative Time Capsule

A time capsule filled with artworks by local children was placed today at the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) marking the countdown to the completion of the M+ building which is scheduled for opening in 2019.

In the Ceremony, artworks by six primary students from Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) and Yaumati Kaifong Association School, depicting their wishes and aspirations for the M+ museum, were put to a time capsule. Other items to be contained in the capsule later include personal messages to a future Hong Kong generation from Mrs Carrie Lam, WKCDA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Michael Lynch and Executive Director, M+, Dr Lars Nittve, along with a range of contemporary and local items including art newspaper of the date, photos of M+ construction site in different angles, a piece of accessory/ building materials taken from the sample façade of M+ building, etc. The time capsule will be placed on the site, to be uncovered and unsealed 100 years hence.

Nov 2014

Following the award of foundation work contract, the M+ building has moved from detailed design to construction. The working team organised a simple “baisun” (worship) ceremony in early November 2014. A construction site visit was also arranged for Mr Duncan Pescod, Chief Operating Officer of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and Dr Lars Nittve, Executive Director of M+ with the Swiss design team.