Construction of the museum building’s foundation has been completed. The work on the superstructure began in April 2019. Construction of the project is expected to be completed by November 2021. The museum will open to the public in mid-2022.

The museum has nine galleries (about 7,800 square metres), where thematic exhibitions and special exhibitions will be presented. Thematic exhibitions are expected to run for two years or longer, mainly featuring highlights from the Palace Museum’s collection. The duration of special exhibitions will be three to six months. Special exhibitions will be organised by the Hong Kong Palace Museum, or jointly organised by the museum and its partners, including local and international organisations and individuals.

Thematic Exhibition Galleries
Gallery 1 (UG): Located near the museum entrance, this gallery introduces visitors to the history, people, architecture, and collection of the Palace Museum.
Gallery 2 (1/F): This gallery reveals various facets of life at the imperial court.
Galleries 3–5 (2/F): These three galleries feature a rich and diverse selection of art treasures from the Palace Museum.
Galleries 6–7 (3–4/F): Gallery 6 is devoted to the vibrant art collecting culture, and Gallery 7 invites visitors to experience Chinese art in an interactive way.

Special Exhibition Galleries
Galleries 8–9 (4–5/F): These two galleries host major exhibitions and are connected to accommodate large-scale special exhibitions.

G/F Entrance Lobby

2/F Atrium

3/F Atrium

4/F Atrium