Based on Foster + Partners' City Park concept, a proposed Development Plan incorporating desirable features favoured by the Hong Kong people was put forward – West Kowloon Cultural District – A Place for Everyone.

According to the proposed Development Plan, the West Kowloon Cultural District will be developed into a world-class integrated low-density district comprising local and traditional as well as international and modern elements. Arts and cultural learning will be at the heart of this urban fabric, but it is also a space that caters to all other aspects of daily life – living, working, dining and shopping.

This plan was submitted to the Town Planning Board in December 2011 and approved by the Chief Executive-in-Council in January 2013.


Cultural Activities Fully Integrated with the District

  • A range of indoor and outdoor arts and cultural venues will be built, with all their visual arts, performances and educational offerings easily accessible to one another along a main vehicular-free artery
  • These venues will be visually dynamic yet respectful of Hong Kong’s natural heritage of Kowloon’s ridgelines
Central Square

Quality Open Space

  • 23 hectares of open space will provide a tranquil environment for all forms of leisure activities to take place, and ease the tension of the built-up density in the nearby districts.
  • The park will incorporate open air performance space, as well as display works of art. There will also be places to watch the sunset, cycle, run and space for families to enjoy together.
  • Life and vibrancy will be brought to the waterfront, celebrating the views to the mountains, islands, harbour and beyond.

Accessibility and Connectivity

  • The District will be easily and conveniently accessible for all, following universal accessibility standards.
  • The Avenue will be one of the main open space features and will run the entire length of the District, providing easy access to and from, as well as throughout the site.
  • The District will be well-connected with its surrounding neighbourhoods, providing easy transportation access.


  • There will be an emphasis on environmentally friendly features. The site will aim to have minimal carbon footprint and will contribute to the development of a green and sustainable district.
  • Traffic, services and parking will be located below ground level, maximizing safety and comfort whilst minimizing pollution and congestion.