Past events

  • Excerpt Performance II

    02.03.2015, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

    Story of the Broken Mirror, “Meeting in the Study” from The Dragon's Order, "Matching of the Embroidered Shoes" from The Case of the Headless Body, Luanzhou

  • Excerpt Performance I

    01.03.2015, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

    “Roaming the Lake” from Legend of the White Snake, Mu Guiying’s Marriage Proposal,"Roaming the Garden" and "Chasing after the Husband" from Di Qing and Princess Shuangyang

  • Island of Farewell

    25.02.2015 to 28.02.2015, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

    The Yuan army has invaded south and the Song Emperor flees. Zhang Da, the former commander of Chaozhou, leads a volunteer army to save the Emperor

  • Madame She

    21.02.2015 to 24.02.2015, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

    Liao army invades again and the Emperor must seek help from the Yang's. Will Madame She consent to serving the country once more?