Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera - Passing Down the Legacy of Cantonese Opera


Last year, the West Kowloon Cultural District organised the first Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase. Aspiring to preserve and promote the art form, we invited professionals from the field to select a group of rising stars from the rich pool of local talents. The showcase provided a platform for them to display their artistry, while fostering the next generation of Hong Kong Cantonese opera performers.

This year, we have invited renowned Cantonese opera performer Mr. Law Ka-ying to serve as curator, leading twelve rising stars in performances over the duration of Chinese New Year. For the first time, we will be presenting the Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera inside a theatre. Ten evenings of extraordinary shows will be performed, including the full-length productions Madame She and Island of Farewell, as well as numerous excerpts which illustrate our mission and commitment to preserve and develop Cantonese opera.

Madame She is a contemporary classic written by Yip Shiu Tak in 1999, and premiered by Yau Sing Po and Law Ka-ying. Law has especially chosen this as the opening performance, using it as an opportunity to showcase and nurture the young performers as well as to pass down this legacy. Also written by Yip and adapted from Chiuchow opera, Island of Farewell was significant in promoting new talents. Originally commissioned for Chor Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe in the 60’s to train young talents, the structure of the script is different from the generic “six characters” system, thus allowing more performers to participate. Law will tailor this script to cater to the rising stars, giving them ample opportunities to demonstrate their strengths. He has also planned two evenings of excerpts that will highlight their multiple performing facets, polishing them so they shine as the next generation of local Cantonese opera performers.

Curator: Law Ka-ying
Action Choreographer: Zhou Zhenbang
Set: Kwong Hing Stage Scene Production Company
Costume: Kam Yee Costumes Company

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