Arts Accessibility Services for Freespace Fest 2014

It’s about allowing everyone to have greater freedom! This year’s Freespace Fest will feature the following art accessibility services to allow individuals of varying abilities to enjoy the space freely and without barriers:





Accessibility Partner:



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    Audio Description (Cantonese)?

    • Audio Description involves ‘speaking’ what is ‘seen’ in order to serve people with visual impairment.
    • Live audio description service is available for physical theatre programmes (including s.l.o.a.p. and A Simple Space).  You can borrow the devices on site. 
    • One-to-one audio description service is available for M.U.R.S. and Private Dances.  Please call 2777 1771 to reserve the service in advance.
    • Audio Description on-site personnel will be dressed in hot pink-coloured Arts Accessibility Ambassador T-shirts and available for on-site description at various ‘Freespace Fest’ performance venues.

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    Sign Interpretation?

    • Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) personnel will be available to provide on-site support as Sign language users interact with various artistic and cultural teams and receive announcements at the festival.

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    Theatrical Interpretation?

    • Theatrical Interpretation brings Sign Interpretation to an artistic level. In addition to translating text and speech, Theatrical Interpretation incorporates elements of performance which enable spectators to better appreciate the flavour of poem and music as well as the plot and ambience of theatrical performance.
    • Poetry Concert will be accompanied with Theatrical Interpretation, thus allowing both Sign language users to understand the text and non-Sign-language users to appreciate new artistic renderings.

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    Accessible Captions?

    • Poetry Concert will feature on-stage Accessible Captions allowing the audience to hear the confluence of lyrics and music and also savour the words. 

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    Arts Accessibility Ambassadors?

    • Art Accessibility Ambassadors will be dressed in yellow T-shirts and will move about Freespace Fest to provide individuals of varying abilities with immediate support, make arrangements for Audio Description or Sign Interpretation and resolve any queries related to arts accessibility.
    • Noise-reduction ear muffs will be provided to those wary of noise and/or sudden loud sounds. If needed, ear muffs may be pre-ordered by dialing 2777 1771. Supplies are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. A HK$20 deposit for each ear muff is needed and will be refund upon return.
    ·Tactile diagrams and electrical accessible information for Freespace Fest will be prepared for people with visual impairment.

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    Simplified Version of Information?

    Download the simplified version of information of the event. (Chinese only)